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DVI Converter

Product ID:SR-31
Scaler Switcher

The SR-31 is CAT Receiver Scaler Switcher that allows multiful inputs as many as 4 sources using our UWI Transmitter to one display.

Product ID: HDSDI-21D
HD-SDI, SDI to DVI Converter

HDSDI-21D converts HD-SDI, SDI signal to DVI. Because it is equipped with scaler chip, resolutions can be set up easily.

Product ID: HDC
HDMI to DVI Converter
HDC is designed to convert HDMI to DVI and digital audio.
Once HDC is installed, DVI displays, which have been commonly used at company, house, and factory, can also show signals from full HD sources such as Blu-ray player and PS3.

Product ID: DC-DA1
DVI to VGA Converter
Digitalextender's DVI to VGA converter, model: DC-DA1, converts DVI-D digital video signal to high quality analog VGA signal. Ideal to connect digital video sources with DVI-D output to a analog display's VGA input.

Product ID: DC-AD2
VGA to DVI Converter
Digitalextender's VGA to DVI converter, model: DC-AD2, converts analog VGA video signal to digital DVI-D and analog VGA signals. Ideal to connect a analog video source with VGA output to new digital display with DVI-D input and VGA monitor input.

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