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Product ID: HD-D210
HDMI Distributor 2x10
HD-D210, HDMI Distribution Amplifier, allows one or two digital video and audio source such as DVD player, Blue-Ray, Set-top Box, or PC to be distributed to up to ten destinations. All outputs are HDCP compliant.

-> replaced by HD-D210N

Product ID: HDX
HDMI Fiber Optic Extender
HDX, HDMI Fiber Optic Extender, supports HDMI standard v1.2a. Because the HDMI transmission box (TX) and reception box (RX) are detachable, it is perfect solution for integration as LC Fiber Optic Cable requires only 1 inch opening.

-> replaced by OBHD-BOX

Product ID: DS-3636M
DVI Matrix 36x36
DVI matrix switcher (DS-3636M) enables you to switch up several DVI sources from host computers in far locations, multiple digital displays using dedicated software.

-> replaced by EDM-3636M

Product ID: OBC-BOX
DVI Fiber Optic Box Single Link
This unique fiber optical cable system lets your digital display(Plasma TV, Digital Projectors, LCD Monitors, HDTV, etc) extend upto 328ft. (100 meters) away from the video source based on Single link DVI standard.

-> replaced by OBCA-BOX

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