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DVI Switcher 2x1 w/ Remote & Audio



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DVI Link’s DS-21RA DVI switcher allows two different digital media sources to share one video display. Our Switcher can easily switch between two digital media sources with either the IR remote control unit or the manual button on the device itself. This switcher is perfect for Home Theater Systems. No more hassles of manually plugging in different DVI connectors to view inputs from multiple devices. (e.g. DVD, DVR, Set-top Box)
  • Supports Highest Quality Picture; No Digital Noise
  • Signal Amplification – Extends the interconnect copper cable length up to 15m
  • Supports IR remote control with a discrete channel selection feature
  • Built-in RS-232C port for remote switching control by PC
  • DS-21RA switch makes possible the switching of DVI video signal and audio signal at the same time.(Supports standard 2ch audio or coaxial digital audio)
  • Compatible with HDMI devices(video & sound)– use DVI-HDMI adapters
  • HDCP compliant
  • DVI Bandwidth: 165 MHz (DVI single link)
  • Supports Resolution: Up to UXGA (1600 * 1200)@60Hz, ATSC HDTV signal up to 1080i.
  • Inputs: DVI-D Female 2 ports / Standard Audio 2 channel
  • Outputs: DVI-D Female 1 port / Standard Audio 1 channel
  • Power Supply: DC 5V, 1.2A Power Supply included
  • IR Remote Control Unit included
  • The connection cables are recommened at 15m max. between the sources to display thru' DS-21RA for the high definition quality.
  • DS-21RA - 270*110*40
  • DS-21RA – 1.50
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