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HDPR, HDMI Repeater, is designed to extend the range of a copper-based delivery system, maintaining high resolution in HDMI digital signal. A single repeater carries HD content at 1080p, UXGA up to 100 Feet. With Premium HDMI Copper Cable, our booster can provide a less expensive option than fiber optic cable. It equalizes and boosts the signal, allowing maximum resolution & digital noise free.
  • High Quality Picture – No loss of resolution and digital noise, Repeaters are manufactured to deliver the highest quality video & audio by preserving the native resolution from the HDMI sources and eliminating any digital noise.
  • Equalize the signal loss from over 33ft copper cable to the original source resolutions and DDC signal power.
  • Extend up to 200 feet - The maximum length of an interconnect cable recommended for this single repeator and must be use high quality copper cable to perform to the required resolution.
  • Booster and pass through DDC signals
  • Repeater enables daisy chain connection up to 3 HDPR
  • DVI compatible use dvi-hdmi adapter
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 25-165MHz
  • Supports Resolution: HD signal up to 1080p@60Hz, Computer signal up to WUXGA (1920 x1200) *Pixel clock must not exceed 165Mhz.
  • Inputs: HDMI Type A Female (single link) 1 port
  • Outputs: HDMI Type A Female (single link) 1 port
  • Dual Power Source: Internal power from 18 pin of the HDMI transmitting device, or external power supply DC 5V 1.2A adapter included.
  • HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) Compliant.
  • HDPR(W*D*H,in) - 2*2*0.75
  • HDPR – 0.5 lb
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